New music

Fleet Foxes released a new album last week. Do check it out; it's worth it.

Architecture in Helsinki also released an album.

Alas! They've traded in both the muppets and the crack of their last album, which was great but short, for one 80's synthesizer to sing along with softly for their fourth album. There are only a handful of songs that stand out before it turns into synth pop mush. I like the first song, second song, and the third which is the first single:

It's probably just me, but pop music made with synthesizers usually sounds terrible. For me, much of the 80's is a black hole of music, especially all the slow 80's songs.

Perhaps it's that synths are good at being synths and making electronic music, but when they're used to fill the exact spaces of conventional instruments, they enter the Uncanny Valley and the music sounds 'off'. The strange thing is that there's plenty of electronic music I do like. Perhaps after several years, which happened to be in and around the 80's, people figured out some good new things to do with electronics and electronic music split off with its own conventions.

Then again, it might just be an issue of art, in which case you either just like it or don't.