Further proof of how lucky we are that Joanne Kloppenburg will NOT be a Supreme Court Justice

I read her op-ed piece in the Journal Sentinel and was pretty shocked at how divorced from reality her arguments are. Many of the "irregularities" found in Waukesha County are no different than ballot bags found in Dane County or other counties throughout the state. Plus, with the GAB's press release the other day, it seems as though any court challenge would be doomed to failure.

I think Althouse has a pretty good takedown of how desperate Kloppenburg is beginning to look:
Oh, so the disembodied process proceeds as it was prescribed. No, it proceeds because you chose to put it in motion, and another choice looms in the future. Why are you pretending that you don't know what you are going to do?

"Wisconsin law specifically anticipates that there may be court challenges..." See what I mean by mind-crushingly dull? Or... if you think about it long enough, maybe it will cease to be dull and become infuriating.