With respect to Speaker Boehner; "Pass the damn bill!"

I'll make this brief. I have become extremely annoyed with the ongoing drama over the budget repair bill. I think Judge Sumi's restraining order is activism at it's worst. The Senate's rules clearly state that no notice is required during special session, and whatever the final outcome, it does not appear that she can void the entire bill. I think Cindy Kilkenny has been excellent on all of this and she says it all perfectly.

I don't think that there were any laws violated here, and I certainly don't want to give the Democrats or the unions a win of any kind at this point, but sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. We cannot continue to leave local governments in limbo. They need to know what tools they will have at their disposal and they need it now. It looks like this will drag out in the courts for a couple of months, if not longer.

To avoid this the legislature should reconvene and pass the full, orginal bill. Pass it, follow every possible rule, dot every I and cross every T. We have the next budget looming, we need this done and out of the way before we move on.

Pass the damn thing and let's move on.