Who is really responsible for the recount circus?

For all the complaining my fellow conservatives have been doing about the "waste of taxpayer money" and the Supreme Court recount, I really can't understand what the big deal is.

The only reason we are in this situation is because of the incompetence of a county clerk in the most conservative county in Wisconsin. Because of that monumentally stupid fubar, Kloppenburg held the unofficial lead the morning after. Now, I agree that she was a fool to declare victory, but having done so she had to find some way to save face and satisfy her supporters. Asking for a recount gives her that chance. Is it a waste of time? I'm not so sure. Given the problem with reporting the Brookfield vote, I would think that conservatives would welcome the chance to prove that Kathy Nickolaus is merely incompetent and did not engage in anything fraudulent.

Talking about under-vote or over-vote in Madison is pointless and silly. Of course there was a huge vote for the court race. It was the only competitive one in the county with a conservative and a liberal, so it is going to attract a lot of people who normally may not vote in spring elections. Rather than focusing on perceived "irregularities," maybe it would be better off to focus on the fact that even with a huge turnout in Dane and Milwaukee counties, David Prosser still won.

Let the recount go forward without any snide comments or remarks. Let the recount show that nothing went wrong. If Kloppenburg tries to litigate and toss out votes, fight her on it in court, but otherwise sit down and be quiet. The idea among some conservatives that this is all some giant plot to prevent Prosser from taking his seat by dragging this out in court is ludicrous. There is no way anyone can win that type of a recount battle and I don't believe for a second that the Kloppenburg campaign is that stupid. It also makes conservatives look like tin-foil hat wearing nuts - kind of like liberals with the whole Koch brothers nonsense.

The people doing the recounts around the state are good, professional people. Let them do their job and put to rest the liberal lunacy that this election was stolen. If conservatives want to blame anyone for this, blame the Waukesha County Clerk. Her screw-up is the reason we're spending the money to do this.