Real Hope

Check out this article. Its goal is proposing a broad stance the country should take adopt for the new century.

What is says is that we've completely over-reacted to terrorism--we're still applying the strategy of containment from the cold war. "It is time to move beyond a strategy of containment to a strategy of sustainment (sustainability); from an emphasis on power and control to an emphasis on strength and influence." In another point they write that we need to embrace competition to rise to the occasion setting a good example that others around the world will want to follow.

The article also talks about how our power comes from having a strong economy and not the other way around. The authors also write that the future economic growth of the country comes from educating the kids of today.

The two people who wrote it are staffers of the Joint Chiefs. In the bigger picture, it's interesting how even the hammer says we hammer too much.

I've looked around and there doesn't seem to be much in the media about the article yet, outside of CNN.