Programming Note

This post has been percolating for quite a while now -- indeed, it's a couple of days overdue -- but I haven't quite been able pull the trigger on it, as it were.

In June of 2005, Brad V was just coming on board here as a contributor at Letters in Bottles -- the first in a great run of contributors and guest-bloggers. Since that time, we've been here to cover everything from campus happenings to world events, from protests and gigs and would-be revolutions to life in any number of fascinating corners of the world. We may have been pioneers of the multi-simul-blog technique -- we were at least great fans of the method.

This blog, too, has seen a good run of the history of the student blog community -- and the wider Wisconsin Cheddarsphere. We were privileged to meet many of the fine folks who would contribute meaningfully to a campus and state political dialogue. We were there at the beginning, and, I like to think, helped usher in a great period of activity.

But all things must go -- and, as our sidebar bears witness, many good things have already gone. One June 1st, we too will go -- again, and I think this time for good.

It's been a fantastic ride, and I'd like to thank all of those who have contributed over the years: official blog members, guest posters, commenters, and those who have tossed links our way from time to time. You've all helped make Letters in Bottles the place it became. It wouldn't have been the same without all of you.

So stick around -- we aim to go out in fighting trim, and should have some good bits for you in the next month. And then, my friends, adieu, and many happy returns.