How do you miss the entire city of Brookfield?

I've resisted saying anything on the election results for one simple reason: it was just too darn close to say anything until the official totals were in.

Now, it appears that the Waukesha County Clerk - who has come under fire repeatedly for her mismanagement - completely missed the entire city of Brookfield. The error gives Justice Prosser a substantial lead of around 7,000 votes. It also explains what appeared to be unusually low turnout in Waukesha County on election night.

Contrary to what some on the left are saying right now, this is not a case of votes being "found" as if they were in reserve just in case they were needed. This is a case of incompetence by a County Clerk. The votes were cast legally and correctly, they just weren't counted. This is by no means the end of the story, but it looks like Justice Prosser just might have survived.

By the way, what does a Prosser win do to all the talk of the election being a "referendum on Walker?" Any bets on if Emily Mills will agree that Wisconsin elected Justice Prosser, not Waukesha County? Just a thought...