Wisconsin drama

Surprise! This afternoon the anti-collective bargaining bill was split off of the budget, passed through a new committee in a matter of hours, and approved by the Senate with a republican simple majority since by itself it is not a financial bill.

Apparently at least one democrat tried to rush back in time. There may also be an issue with passing the matter through a committee without 24 hours notice.

There was one dissenting vote in the senate, Dale Schultz. I remember him from when he spoke to us at the College Republicans. That has to be four or five years ago already. He seemed like a good guy. As far as I can tell through the most recent events, he seems to have continued being reasonable.

It's probably going to be crazy around the Capitol through tomorrow as the Assembly has to pass it. Then they go on recess for a month. I wonder if this was always going to happen today anyway because of that.