The Plot Thickens

Walker receives a prank call (link to audio) from someone posing as a big, out-of-state sponsor. He didn't say anything career-ending, but it's quite embarrassing. If the prankster wanted to be devastating, this would have been perfect to bring up the power plant deal Walker is trying to push through.

Across the other border of Illinois, 40-some Indiana Democrats left their state a few days ago to deprive the GOP there of a quorum for a similar law to the one in Wisconsin. I see in the news today that they've rendezvoused right here in Urbana. It feels like Illinois is turning into Switzerland. If only we can figure out how to grow some mountains.

I doubt the situation in Wisconsin is going to end anytime soon because everyone is winning. Walker is performing a classic 'insult-up' on the whole body of organized labor, which elevates him from being just some new governor in a mid-level state to a national republican hero who has fought all of organized labor--I wouldn't be surprised if he's got higher executive aspirations. At the same time, the democrats get to fight for stuff they love: labor and education.