Friday music

Here's a music video from the Besnard Lakes, a band I recently heard again:

I've got their two newest albums of three and I really like them. They make long, solid albums that build to a climax. Even several of their songs have long rises, building up steam as they accelerate--you know what I mean if you watch the first video. I can't exactly put my finger on the sound: indie, but with lots of guitar pedals and slow, high vocals. I never really liked the wha-wha sound until this.

One thing that's refreshing is the imagery the band uses. For example Shearwater usually sticks to nature or birds or the Decemberists drawn on their whacky pirate-ness/obscure history. This band uses espionage.

I remember when their second album came out (four years already!). The cover is distinct--they are the Dark Horse. I remember it was well received out of music that year by critics but it didn't do anything for me so I just forgot about it. It's kind of funny how stuff like that happens.

Musical tastes are like differential equations, at least for me. Finding new music I like opens up additional music that's further away from what I originally liked, yet I find it like it too now. I'm sure that's happened for other people.