The President should fire his speechwriters

Just a couple of quick thoughts on the State of the Union:
  • The speech overall was flat and boring. There was just something about it that seemed off and it did not flow very well at all.
  • Some of the analogies were horrible. I still don't get the Sputnik moment reference. What is the parallel? Who are we trying to beat? Is it China? Europe? It just seemed weird.
  • I liked the salmon joke. That bit was pretty good - also frighteningly accurate about the absurdity of government regulation.
  • The pitch for immigration reform was odd. Why tie it to higher education? We all want immigration reform, and there are much easier ways to make that argument.
  • Along those lines, the bit about educating non-citizens in our colleges and universities and sending them home "to compete against us" seemed out of place. It was very protectionist.
  • For all the talk about fiscal restraint, there was a heck of a lot of spending in the speech.
  • I agree that we need to reform government, but I doubt very much the President is willing to cut as much of the dead weight as is necessary.
  • Paul Ryan's speech was good (more on that later). Not great, but good. It's a thankless task to follow the President on this night.