You might have seen that the former dictator of Haiti recently returned from exile to 'try to help' the country rebuild. However, did you know that Bob Barr is down there with him? What?

You might remember Bob Barr as the GOP congressman from Georgia turned Borat star turned 2008 Libertarian Party presidential candidate.

The CNN article on it says this:

Barr said he returned to Port-au-Prince for the first time in nearly 30 years because he believed Duvalier is genuinely interested in alleviating Haiti's suffering. He said the Caribbean nation was in worse shape now than it was when Duvalier was at the helm.

"I also am reminded of others who have risen from the ashes," Barr said. "The city of Atlanta is the Phoenix city. The people of Haiti, likewise, will rise from the problems created by last year's earthquake and emerge stronger and better than before. That I know is Mr. Duvalier's deep wish and something that he knows in his heart."

What? What does Bob Barr have to do with anything? The only relevant stuff I could find in his Wikipedia article says he's got a masters in international affairs, worked for the CIA on Latin America in the '70s, and then was a US Attorney by the mid '80s.

I can understand wanting to be charitable and to help people, but why would he want to associate himself with this? Why would he want to lobby for a former dictator?