Looking for something to resonate

After tonight's State of the Union speech, I'm left wanting.  I just didn't find much that resonated.

The talk about innovation would have gotten traction with me...if I believed it, if I had seen some corresponding actions by the Obama administration indicating that innovation was the crucial response to the economic crisis. 

Overall, the speech seemed to wander.  It just wasn't a high caliber oration.


Paul Ryan's response started off a bit too starched and robotic.  The facial expressions seemed a bit awkward for a while, and almost every word was clipped.  Abbreviated.  But once he got the cadences going - and started to get to the meat and bones of his principled opposition, he made some great points.

His monologue on the need for limited government was excellent - classic, really.  The "Candidly, from one citizen to another..." line resonated.  The alignment of Ryan's prognosis with what many people are actually thinking, from what I know, was clear.

Overall, not bad on delivery.  Speaking as to substance - superb.