Great Concert!

Last weekend I went to a School of Seven Bells concert here in town.

A local band, Common Loon, opened. They're two guys: a guitarist/main singer and a drummer. The local stuff I saw in Madison was quite un-good, so I was prepared to be underwhelmed.

They started to play this song for their opening and I was blown away figuratively and literally (and it wasn't just because the guitar was pounding in my chest):

The rest of what they played was pretty good and after hearing the rest of their debut album I regret not buying it. I'll have to catch them around this spring.

It was an intimate venue and having never been there before, I arrived way too early. I happened to talk to the guitar half briefly while the 20 other people who had also arrived too early were milling about. He said he's got a law degree and does environmental stuff.

School of Seven Bells was great. (They've songs here.) There were 50-75 people in a perhaps 30' square space and everyone was bopping along. Here's a music video from their new album:

They've got two albums out now and both are really good, not a dud song on either. It was awesome to see them play live. The guy is the main guitarist/effects and the girl sings, obviously, and also plays guitar on some of the songs. (One of the sisters recently left, apparently.) They also had a drummer and a drum machine. That was all it took to make magic!

Their songs are all ambiguously mystical, which fits their 'dream-pop' sound. It's fun how they keep it up in concert: they were in all black clothing, even their roadie, with an piece or two of esoteric jewelry, not to mention their cryptic symbol, and there's also the major Cleopatra look the singer has going on.

Both bands were great and if you find yourself with surplus musical love, send some their ways.