National Media Catches Up - Inside the Footprint

I've been focusing on the unwise and massive use of eminent domain and demolition by the federal, state, and local governments in a New Orleans historic district at my "Inside the Footprint" blog for over a year now.  The neighborhood was coming back from Katrina, but it continues to be dismantled even as I type this.  Hundreds of people and numerous businesses are being displaced once more.

Finally, in the past week - now that much of the excessively large 67-acre hospitals site is cleared of historic homes and looks something like Carthage must have looked after the Punic Wars - the national mainstream media has begun to pay attention.

Pieces have appeared this week in Newsweek and The Christian Science Monitor.  An AP story got picked up Monday by the Washington Post and Fox News, at least.

To see the links to the articles and to learn more about the story, a cautionary tale for sure, head here.