Big Ten realignment

The updated logo and new conferences with names, Leaders and Legends, to include Nebraska were revealed.

The logo is vanilla. It looks like IBM's. It's lost the subtlety that it had before. The "i" is now a "1" and I guess the "G" looks a lot like a "0". However 10 isn't even close anymore with 12 schools.

I made this in 20 minutes:

It was an experiment to work in a '12'. It's possible.

Also "leaders and legends" together sounds like saying "watch these and wash-ups." Calling a school a legend in contrast to a leader sounds like saying it's weak and irrelevant--not the kind of image something that's supposed to be promoting it should convey. Either way, lucky for us, Wisconsin and Illinois are both Leaders.

Maybe it's bad marketing or maybe they're trying to foster conflict between the schools?--"the only worse thing than being talked about is not being talked about." Maybe they want to run commercials with stuff like "will the Leaders be able to put down the Legends" and vice-versa?