A Taste of Voodoo Fest

This weekend, I finally had a chance to partake of Voodoo Fest, the growing music festival held over Halloween weekend here in New Orleans.

It being Halloween and all...it was fun to see MGMT take to the stage in City Park...dressed as characters from Scooby Doo.

Daphne, it became clear, knew how to rock.

Like a number of bands in the overbooked, overlapping festival, though, MGMT suffered from a sudden loss of fans who shifted to other shows halfway through the set.  It suddenly got rather desolate...as the animal spirits and fluorescence faded.

My absolute favorite act, which did not have such a problem, was Weezer.  Rivers Cuomo and company blew me away on Friday evening with a fantastic show.  At one point, Cuomo, glasses on, was stalking cat-like atop port-a-potties over 100 yards away from the stage, climbing scaffolding, commandeering cameras atop towers, etc., still pounding out the vocals as the crowd went wild, myself included.  He's a great frontman.  The Blue Album was in heavy rotation.  They covered MGMT!  It was pure fun.

In fact, it was so fun, I didn't take a single photo.

Along with the unparalleled setting under the live oaks, the festival offered a truly diverse array of music.    Roaming around the tents, I came across everyone from Dr. John to Cage the Elephant to Jonsi (the Icelander of Sigur Ros) to Big Freedia of bounce fame.  Theresa Andersson put on an extremely innovative show and showed off her stunning vocals.  Muse, while shallow in my opinion, had a truly spectacular lights and effects accompaniment.  And the Preservation Hall tent spiced the whole affair with some excellent New Orleans heritage sounds.

Overall, I was impressed.  The Weezer show would have been worth the entire weekend pass alone, so everything else was like multiple levels of icing on the cake.