The Opportunity of a Generation: Ron Johnson

I'll make this brief. Tomorrow, we here in Wisconsin have the opportunity of a lifetime. The choice between Sen. Russ Feingold and Ron Johnson is perhaps the most clear and important decision in the country. If you look at other races, you get a choice between a Democrat running away from their record and a conservative, or a Democrat running away from their record and a moderate.

Not so in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin we are presented with a choice that will take us down one of two paths. On the left is Sen. Feingold. It is the path of government intervention first. This mentality is one that believes there is no problem for which government cannot provide a solution. It is a path that leads towards more debt, more spending and more government control over our lives - in everything from the type of light bulb we use to the doctor we see.

Sen. Feingold does not invite us down this path out of malice or some nefarious desire to destroy the American dream. On the contrary, the Senator firmly believes that this is the path that will be best for our nation and its future. Unfortunately, Sen. Feingold is wrong.

The other path is where Ron Johnson invites us. It is a clear path with a few simple principles as its guideposts. There is nothing that free people in a free market cannot do better than the government. A government that governs best, governs least. And finally, we cannot afford to mortgage our future for short term political gain. These are simple and powerful beliefs that have been at the core of our nation's greatness.

Ron Johnson has been criticized on the Left for saying that this race is not about details, but rather about fundamental differences between him and Sen. Feingold. As much as it bothers the Senator's supporters, Mr. Johnson is right. We have a choice tomorrow that is as basic as any in the nation: do we choose more and ever-expanding government, or do we say enough is enough and walk back from the brink?