A call for European missile defense in the International Herald Tribune:
Deterrence and diplomacy are powerful counters to this growing threat. And by all means, they represent our first line of defense. But they cannot stand alone. They must be complemented by a credible and cost-effective capability to defend against ballistic missiles.

Because of this, the United States has proposed that in Lisbon, leaders of the alliance adopt territorial missile defense as a NATO capability.

NATO territorial missile defense would not be starting from scratch. The alliance already has a program to protect deployed forces. We seek to extend this protection to NATO’s European populations and territory as well.

Moreover, the United States is on track to provide the lion’s share of this capability. Our contribution, called the Phased Adaptive Approach, will exploit advances in sensor and interceptor technologies to swiftly deploy a strong, smart missile defense system. At the core of the system is the SM-3 missile, a proven ship-borne system that will also be deployed on land at sites in Romania (by 2015) and subsequently in Poland (by 2018), thereby providing full protection against the evolving missile threat.