Election Night - Checking In

Thoughts thus far:

- It's been very interesting to watch Mark Kirk's numbers rise slowly but steadily in the Illinois Senate race - he was down by over 10 points at one moment...but has now closed to within a few points.

- It looks like Joseph Cao is going down at this point, but I'm interested to see the breakdown.

- It seems like Johnson and Walker are doing well in Wisconsin.

- The GOP push for the Senate will fall short of a majority, but there will certainly be some interesting new voices.  I liked Rubio's call for humility - he recognized that tonight was not a warm-hearted brace of the Republican Party.

- Rand Paul's victory speech was fantastic...in closed captioning, at least.  I watched it with a number of friends at Mahoney's over a Peacemaker po-boy.

* * * * *

- Man, Pennsylvania and Nevada have some nail-biting Senate races at this moment...

- It looks like Cao here in the LA 2nd is getting a drubbing, which is a bit surprising to me - I knew he had a tough uphill climb, but it's not even looking close at this point.

- Tom Tancredo doesn't do it in Colorado...and the GOP may not even hit 10%

* * *

UPDATE:  10:44 p.m. Central

- Ron Johnson defeats Russ Feingold.  That's a major win.  Wisconsin truly has an independent electorate.  Congrats to Johnson and his team in Wisconsin.  Walker, too, wins with similar numbers.

- The GOP seems to be on message tonight - Boehner, Cantor, and Rubio all sound prominent notes of humility.  That's refreshing.  A step back from hubris.

- Why is John Boehner crying on tv right now?  It seems contrived.  Ok, seriously.  What is the deal?  Tonight is not at all about John Boehner, and yet, somehow he thinks it is.  Strange.  This performance...might just be enough to bump him from the Speaker slot since I think there are already trends in that direction.

- Sharron Angle is down...more than I would have expected based on the polling.

- Jay Dardenne and Vitter won a long time ago here in Louisiana.

- Who's the independent in Maine?

* * * * *

UPDATE: 11:08 P.M.

- Wispolitics has a great election night blog going...what a night for Badger State Republicans - Governor, Senate, A.G., both houses of the legislature - a time for restraint, a time for restraint.

- Numerous friends on Facebook are in mourning - in full, snide, whiny fashion - for the Feingold loss.  It's rather pathetic, frankly.

- I'm worried for New Orleans.  I believe the Cedric Richmond win in the 2nd LA...foreshadows a return to Dollar Bill days.

- What about Djou out in Hawaii?

- Oh, CNN with your "best political team on television" - nonsense.  Although, I must say, Roland Martin is making far more salient points than usual this evening.

- What is Hillary thinking out in her remote location?

* * * * *
UPDATE: 11:48 p.m.

- What if Castle had prevailed in the Delaware primary?  Tarkanian in the Nevada primary?  It's sad to see that Harry Reid won - I hope he's forced out of leadership even now that it appears the Democrats will retain a majority in the Senate (although we all know it's 60 that counts).

- Sean Duffy, of Real World fame, replaces Dave Obey in northern Wisconsin. 

- What's going on with Operation Chaos up in Alaska?  Wolf Blitzer notes that polls close up in the Last Frontier soon.  Will it be Levi Johnston in a surprise write-in win?

- Chad Lee does better than usual in the Wisconsin 2nd.

- This is helpful.  My friend Ian F pointed me to this live update site from the Washington Post.

- Want to look at the composition of state legislatures?  Check out this site from the National Conference of State Legislatures where a friend is helping out this evening.

- Lincoln Chafee rides back into Rhode Island town.

- Mark Kirk won in Illinois.  That's good - looks he won every county except for down around Cairo and Cook County proper.  I'm interested to see what his record looks like as he serves.

- It looks like all sorts of havoc played out in the voting on Louisiana constitutional amendments - not necessarily happy with many of the results.  Even the ones I agreed with in substance...should not have been posed as constitutional amendments.