Can we actually...

Let's say, hypothetically, that the GOP manages to snag both the House and the Senate on the national level tomorrow.

Here are my followup questions:

Will Congress actually, within the next two years...

Reduce the size of the federal government?

Reduce the amount of federal government spending?

Reduce the national debt?

Repeal the healthcare bill's individual mandate?

Spur job growth?

In other words, just how effective will the Republican Party be in living out the overarching themes it has espoused broadly this campaign season?  I think it's important to start looking beyond the rhetoric and the adrenaline to the critical issue of accountability.

A followup question that flows from these questions:

If the GOP wins both House and Senate, President Barack Obama will:
Make a cooperative, Clintonesque turn toward the center
Clash strongly with congressional majorities
Grow increasingly isolated, aloof, and irrelevant

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