Wisconsin roundup

Remember when the Cheddarsphere hosted a rotating roundup of good posts? I think it petered out pretty quickly -- and it's been largely subsumed by WisOpinion -- but why not take a look at some of my favorite posts from around the 'sphere this week?

+Cindy Kilkenny over at Fairly Conservative is musing about France:
What’s clear is that France is preparing to make the hard decisions necessary to salvage their country’s finances. What isn’t clear is the why the American media is spinning this thing.
Just remember, Cindy: only Tea Partiers are angry! When the left burn cars, they're justifiably upset!

+James Widgerson was busy taking apart polls.

+Jeremy Shown is more concerned with taking apart bad arguments:
If you think taxes are too high or the stimulus was a bad idea what do you think the best way to respond is? By having your company avoid doing work it is qualified for or by getting involved in the political process to affect change where it really matters? In this case Reid Ribble chose the latter, and he didn't just write a check, make some phone calls, or write a blog post. He got involved in the biggest way possible, as a candidate. And if you don't think that represents a major commitment, just turn on the television for five minutes and count the attack ads.

+Elliot has been brief lately, but you should still check him out.

+Aaron Rodriguez interviewed Paul Ryan.

+The MacIver Institute has a good laugh about the last train rally.

+Okay, this is more than a week old, but still very much worth noting.