A week and a half in, and I'm already making obscure references.

Manila being as big as it is, I figured there was bound to be an indie scene of some sort here -- and I was right. I've already confused coworkers with band references, and am eyeing a couple of upcoming shows. Most of the bands here seem to lean in the direction of very cheery, pleasant pop: think Kings of Convenience meets The Beetles meets Camera Obscura meets the Gin Blossoms (who are themselves playing an arena here next month), with a splash of OK Go thrown in for fun. There's not a lot of ironic pose here (or ironic facial hair!). After the jump, some of what I'm listening to here:

The Camerawalls: Clinically Dead for 16 Hours
Ernville: Gator Rocks
Us-2 Evil-0: This Mighty Heart Attack
Good Morning High Fives: Inertia (Live)
Your Imaginary Friends: Danger Sign (Live)
Paramita: Tala (Star)