The scene

I've been itching for a good indie show since I got to Manila, and last night I finally got to one. I have to say, the scene here is small but absolutely fantastic. There were probably only 40 or so people at the show, including the members of the four bands that played (each one rocking a 45-minute set). In a lot of ways, it seemed more like a family reunion or like a group of friends jamming out in their basement -- everyone knew everyone else (and by the end, so did I), and laughed and joked with each other throughout the sets. The energy and the mood were amazing.

And even better, the event was billed as an early Halloween party -- perfect!

Inside, pictures.

Candy, beer, and The Gentle Isolation:

Clem Castro of The Camerawalls joins in:

Your Imaginary Friends rocked out:

As did The Camerawalls, to close out the night: