More non-American news

A while back, we mentioned a row between China and Japan over fishing rights in contested islands. It was a story that really didn't get any play in the American press, but was indicative of broader tensions in the region -- and spoke, perhaps, to the complications of China's rise as a regional power and beyond.

Another story has been interesting to watch lately: the Commonwealth Games being held now in India. In the shadow of the success of the Beijing Olympic Games, India is currently playing host to another major sports event.

But things have gone very poorly for the country: construction drastically behind schedule, security worries, and now apathy and confusion leading to poor ticket sales. Of course, there is not a global audience to draw on for these games, but attendance levels have still been embarrassing.

It's an indication of the rivalry between the two growing powers that India has had such a focus on these games, and the image each projects. Both India and China, of course, are vying for regional dominance, and events like these project a very important image of each country to the world. Certainly the competition will continue, but India seems to be one down in this round.