Cheap shot of the day

Over at Blogging Blue, Zach is taking shots at Ron Johnson again -- and this shot is predictably tedious:
So let’s recap: instead of actually doing his job as a legislator, if elected to the United States Senate Ron Johnson would instead make it his mission to "re-educate" America. The last time I checked, "re-educating" America wasn’t in the job description of a U.S. Senator, and I’m willing to bet if a Democrat said something along the same lines as what Johnson said, conservatives would no doubt be gnashing their collective teeth as they called said Democrat a threat to the nation (or something along those lines).

There’s no denying this year’s election is important. As a nation we have no shortage of serious problems to try and find solutions for, and it should be more than a little disturbing to any informed voter that Ron Johnson is less interested in finding solutions to those problems and is instead more interested in waging a philosophical message war and "re-educating" America.
This is all, of course, absurd. There's no question that Johnson intends to legislate, and to move America forward. But it's equally crucial that the Republican Party elect to office a group that will be committed on first principles to getting the party itself back on track -- off the pork bandwagon, off the anything-goes self-congratulation of the Bush years. Focusing on his own philosophical foundations suggest to us the ways in which he might legislate. That's something that the GOP hasn't done enough of, and why Johnson is such an interesting candidate at the moment.