Hackmatack! The US Fish and Wildlife Service has begun studying how to turn the natural areas in my home area into a national wildlife refuge on the same level as Horicon, or a satellite of. By home area I mean along the Wisconsin-Illinois state line 20 miles west of Lake Michigan. It's uncanny how closely the study area overlays it.

I think this is a great idea. I like the parks in my area; we've got some interesting glacial landscapes and water features and it seems like in both states, they've managed to pick the best parts to save. Not only that, the big parks in my area are basically natural land with occasional paths through them. Another thing is that already in my lifetime, I've seen the northern edge of Chicago's suburbs creep ever closer. It's no Yosemite, but I like the rolling prairies more than another neighborhood of cheap houses.

If someone connected to the project happens to read this, I'd recommend using land along the Fox River as a park axis to connect north to south. In Wisconsin it floods so it's undeveloped near the river. In Illinois, I would also connect Glacial Park, between Ringwood and Spring Grove, to the Fox River. It's undeveloped to the E, NW, and W of that park. Additional space and parks south of McHenry could also be added.