Don't worry: Social Security won't go bankrupt until after you die

Jay Bullock is getting exercised. He's upset, you see, because PolitiFact had the audacity to accuse Dems of being untruthful about Social Security claims.

Oh noes!

And so our fine friend on the left goes to great lengths to prove that all of our checks are just fine: good ol' Papa Government is always going to have us benevolently on his jolly, well-financed knee. How does he do this? Thusly: It is not going to disappear before you or I or your grandkids retire unless Republicans destroy it [italics original, bold added].

That's a funny timeframe, isn't it? Don't worry: you'll be juuuuust fine. Your great-grandkids are boned, but hey: so what? It doesn't affect you!

And that's using the most optimistic of Democratic forecasts -- which always work out perfectly. Why not wear the rosy glasses?

Maybe we can stop worrying about global warming now, too -- after all, it'll only sink your great-grandkids' islands!