This is what happens when all you do is listen to talk radio...

I've long had a problem with Owen Robinson, the force behind Boots & Sabers and one of the most well-liked conservative bloggers in Wisconsin. It's nothing personal - I've never met him personally - it's a problem with his blog. Most of it is just copy-and-paste with a sarcastic word or two but very little depth. When he does have "original" posting on issues outside of local West Bend politics, it is often a regurgitation of what he's heard on Charlie Sykes or Mark Bellings' radio shows.

The latest is his column for the West Bend Daily News handicapping the Lt. Governor's race. He quickly dismisses Brett Davis and Dave Ross as RINO's. He doesn't come out and say it, but that's the implication. While I concede that Brett has taken some troubling votes, I wouldn't go so far as to think he's anything but conservative. He - along with most other Republicans in leadership positions - were put in a very difficult position during the 2007 budget process. While it's extremely easy to sit back and throw stones - and Brett needs to explain those votes - I think it's dangerous to paint with too broad a brush.

As for Dave Ross, the case Owen makes is even worse. He relies solely on hearsay and innuendo. "He says bad things behind other people's backs!" Oh, please. I've met Dave at numerous GOP events and found him to be extremely personable and straightforward. His record as Mayor of Superior is stellar. As for the Second Amendment "issue," Owen is wrong. I've been a Life Member of the NRA for 20 years - yes, and I'm only 27, best Christmas present ever - and I'm willing to give Dave the benefit of the doubt. I trust him. Owen, however, is a fanatic and demands 100% purity on this issue.

His preferred candidate has no record. Rebecca Kleefisch is only in the race because Charlie Sykes has been pushing her. She has played right into the TEA Party rhetoric and said all the right things. To me, it just seems a little too much. And, if we were to follow Owen's criteria - voting for someone who can step into the Governor's office - wouldn't you feel better with someone who has either served in the legislature or been a chief executive?

But hey, if you only get your opinions from the radio...

*Disclaimer: I'll get a few positive posts up soon and stop being so quite so ticked off.