This is NOT the way to win in November

I had hoped that Sen. Lindsey Graham's idiotic suggestion to amend the 14th Amendment would die quickly and quietly, but apparently I was wrong. If John Boehner really believes this is something we should be seriously considering, then he has no business leading the GOP.

So, just so we're clear: Seriously address the coming fiscal disaster? Too risky. Seriously discuss ending birthright citizenship? Sure, why not.

This is idiotic. Illegal immigration, if we just focus on securing the borders, is a huge winning issue for the GOP. If we go too far and look like a bunch of reactionary isolationists, it becomes a huge liability. Not only is the idea of amending the Constitution wrong on its face, this would be long-term political suicide. I don't mean that we should pander to Latinos with talk of amnesty, but this is unnecessarily hostile.

For the record, I want the borders secured first and then, when tempers and passions have subsided, we can have a rational discussion of what to do with illegal immigrants already here. I think somewhere between John McCain's previous "comprehensive" reform and strict enforcement is required. But that is best left until after states like Arizona and Texas no longer feel "under assault" from drug and human traffickers.

My question is this: where the hell are the adults in the GOP right now? This is pure pandering stupidity. I really don't want to be right, but the Republicans never cease to amaze me in their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.