Is this really what we've come to?

I am fed up with the gubernatorial race in Wisconsin. Mark Neumann used up his goodwill long ago. Tom Barrett is an empty suit. Scott Walker has been a dismal disappointment as a candidate. Just for the record, Walker's latest gimmick - the "Bipartisan Action Team" to tackle the deficit - is pathetic.

We know what the budget is right now. If we do nothing, there is a $2.5 billion deficit, if you want to be governor, then act like one and propose your own cuts. Be a man and do it. Do not hide behind a bogus committee. Do it yourself. We want you to lead, please do it.

But my disgust with politics goes beyond politicians. It's actually a lot of pundits and bloggers. The idiotic attacks on Cindy Kilkenny for daring to question Scott Walker's record are nauseating and the stones are being thrown by residents of glass houses. Fred Dooley, proprietor of the ironically named Real Debate Wisconsin, is among the worst offenders. Fred loves to deride liberals when they go off the deep end, but his blog is little more than sarcastic comments, out-of-context attacks, and name calling that lower the quality of the debate to that of a drunken brawl. It is embarrassing.

Then there is the insistence of focusing on tiny, insignificant issues that again, make us on the right look petty. Yes, the Left does all this too, and they do it with great frequency. I am not, however, a liberal. I don't expect a heck of a lot more out of DPW. I do expect more from my side of the aisle.

All this means that I will not be volunteering for any candidate for governor - the first time I will sit out a top-ticket race since before I was able to vote. I will not be donating to any of them - something I am actually able to do - and I will not pay to be a member of RPW until they reform their convention endorsement rules and start to act like leaders. Yes, I will vote for the GOP nominee, but that's it. I don't even know that I'll vote for either in the primary. Sure, I will vote in the primary in other races, but I don't know yet about the top race.

It's really sad that it has come to this.