Exclamation points in band names can be dicey things. !!! has clearly gone to far, violating all norms of decency and decorum. Dogs Die in Hot Cars might not have gone far enough. The Go! Team gets it just right.

Geronimo! is another exclamation-mark band that hits the sweet spot.

Benjamin Grigg ("Keys, Vox, Horns, Luv" according to the website) emailed me when the album came out and shot me a copy of the band's debut, Fuzzy Dreams. It's a very solid debut -- nice dirty garage rock with a lot of good undercurrents.

The opening tracks carve out a comfortable niche about midway between Fugazi and pop-emo, descending into pauses reminiscent of Sonic Youth's fuzzier breakdowns, with a dollop of Flaming Lips trippiness, and that sets a pretty solid tone for the rest of the album. There are touches of Gomez here, alongside The Velvet Underground and perhaps even The Unicorns and A Sunny Day in Glasgow. But Geronimo! is always in the garage, and the good time they're having shows through on every track. This is clearly a band of friends who will rock out, audience or no -- and I hope they start to pull big audiences.

Overall, a very solid first full-length album, and very worth checking out live. Good stuff!