Farewell S. Liberty, Hello St. Roch

My old neighbor, Jack, advised me to get an AK-47.  An MIT-trained urbanist friend referred to the neighborhood by using the technical term "edgy."  And I had a color-changing lizard living on my bathroom window for these first few days of transition.

But, after two brutally hot days of moving, I'm excited to see a new side of New Orleans down in St. Roch.  My new place is just a ways behind the old St. Roch Market building on the classic live-oak lined neutral ground that's always had a sort of spellbinding effect on me ever since I encountered it. Here's a snapshot look at the neighborhood's history.

It was tough leaving the upper flat on S. Liberty Street - after three years and many memories, it took some work to extract myself (not to mention all of the accumulated furniture, each piece with its own colorful backstory).