A day for the socialists

The last Communist in Georgia still believes:
Koko, a former KGB officer, said to know everything about everything, nevertheless puts Germany to the west of France...

"If Georgia is now a respected country, it is because it is the birthplace of Stalin. He is a powerful god for us, he was able to bring people together. He freed the world and now they want us to tear down the monuments to his glory! It is the shame of the whole nation! There are many monuments to Churchill or Roosevelt, and yet they have not liberated anyone!" cries the indignant Koko.

Meanwhile, Slate is running a profile of Jack London:
The richer London became, the more radical his politics were. He was soon praising the assassination of Russia's political leaders and saying socialism would inevitably come to America. Even as he employed small battalions of servants, he insisted he was a Robin Hood figure: They would be made to wait on the tramps and trade unionists he invited to his mansion.