A Stitch in Time

This is quite interesting.  Reason interviews Paul Pastorek, Louisiana Superintendent of Education (and father of a law school friend, the artist Jeff Pastorek), about the charter school revolution that's swept through post-Katrina New Orleans in my time here.  As someone who appreciates the notion of local control but sees the value of competition, it's a thought provoking - and ongoing - story to digest.

+ A new CBS poll - with all kinds of revealing numbers about all kinds of things (Obama doesn't fare so well).

+ This could be devastating to the New Orleans area economy.  But don't cry doom yet - there's certainly a chance a different company could buy out the shipbuilding facility.

+ Sure, I'll take some of those.

+ Paul Ryan versus Ron Johnson - what's the difference on the issues?  Look at the pull down bar "Paul on the Issues."  Then look at "Ron on the Issues."  Ron could learn from Paul - this is not the "pander to social conservatives by opposing gay marriage" cycle.  Nor is that approach the best way to ensure that the GOP stays out of the woods going forward.  I understand Johnson is looking to build a coalition without a prior record in elected office, but I think he would do well to heed Ryan's lead - and Mitch Daniels' observation - in avoiding excessive emphasis on social issues like traditional marriage.  There is plenty of additional fodder out there at the moment.

+ "China's new Africa" in South America.

+ Congressman Cao had a primary challenger...but now he doesn't.  At the moment, I think he's the best I can hope for here.  He certainly has a unique voting record that's difficult to categorize offhandedly.  But it's a shame he won't have a gadfly to chide him about voting for so many appropriations bills - and hinging his votes solely on religion instead of any basic sense of limited government.

+ "Some of you will lose your jobs, some of you will call your councilmembers, but we have to do it" - Good for Mayor Mitch Landrieu, on his efforts to resolve a $67 million budget shortfall

+ Great headline.  Could be The Onion.  Actually the NYT: "Enigmatic Jobless Man Prepares Senate Campaign"