I don't think Paul Ryan is sweating reelection...

Ryan's opponent - John Heckenlively - is apparently of the Paul Krugman school of thought on stimulus spending. Essentially, that means that we just need to spend more and more and more until the economy turns around (it's never good when the headline says you want to raise taxes and spending, just ask Walter Mondale).

The political problem for Heckenlively is that he also says that the deficit is a huge problem - it's all George W. Bush and Paul Ryan's fault, mind you - and needs to be solved with tax increases and cutting waste. I'm all for cutting wasteful spending, but fiddling around the edges of a multi-trillion dollar budget just isn't going to get us there. Especially if you toss on more "stimulus" spending.

I just don't see that working out well in the first district this year.

Still, in all seriousness, I give the guy credit for stepping up. It's never easy to run for office, especially when you know the deck is stacked against you from the start.