Critique from the right

They say that this is a dangerous year for politicians, and that big-spender Republicans who rely on federal subsidies and cede local control are on the defensive. That certainly seems to be the case -- that the GOP is this year getting back to fundamentals. And it's doing so through groups like the Wisconsin GOP Liberty Caucus, which is going after Roger Roth pretty heavily:
Based on Roth’s policy positions — he supports torture, is against consumer choice and the free market, and favors more state and federal regulations — it is clear he needs to take a comprehensive study course on what the Constitution permits.
There's much more at the link, and it's a pretty damning attack on Roth's record. Such a candidate certainly should hold no credible shot at a Republican nomination.

We should also note that Roth has been rather a protectionist, which, although a nicely pat-yourself-on-the-back political move, is not the kind of thing you'd like to see from a party producing such economic lions as Paul Ryan. Measures like the "buy local" legislation are what got us into the trench -- not measures to get us out.

This kind of scrutiny is the best form of housekeeping, and the GOP should be paying very close attention.