Wisconsin is a finalist

On a technicality. Can you spell "forward"?
"It's not fair that just because you're from California and someone else is from Wisconsin that you shouldn't be there," thundered Sonia Schlesinger, a former D.C. speller who was eliminated in the fifth round but understands that what's right is right. "It's not fair. [Anvita Mishra's] from California and Andrew Grose is from Wisconsin and he gets to go and she doesn't?

"The Bee doesn't really understand. They're more worried about TV than about the Spelling Bee. Ok, it's true, that they can't go over the time on TV and that they need enough finalists for TV, so they wouldn't be able to do another round. But that's the Spelling Bee. I mean, I know TV is a big deal, but it's not what the Bee is all about. The Bee is about spelling your words right and being fair."