What's the Czech for "Tea Party"?

It's "out with the elites" in the Czech Republic:
It was truly Paroubek’s departure that many cheered in the days following the election. With his blunt, combative style, Paroubek reminded many of the wily, opportunistic, not-too-smart bureaucrats of the communist era and became something of a rallying cry for young people fed up with the arrogance of power.

If Paroubek really does disappear from the scene, CSSD might have one of its best chances in years to modernize into a party of the left that appeals to young, progressive voters instead of relying on older voters not too dissimilar from those who continue to vote for the Communist Party. In all likelihood, many young CSSD politicians were secretly celebrating their party’s disappointing results, knowing Paroubek would probably resign and they might finally get an opportunity to assert themselves.
A shakeup seems to be a good thing now and then.