Uber-quick thoughts on Treme #9

What I noticed:

+ The black beam with glass panes sculpture on the Tulane quad behind Creighton's character (as he read his book outside) was not in place in 2006 - the artwork on the quad first appeared in about 2009 or so.
+ Bacchanal, from what I recall, had the outdoor rotating chef station at the rear of the courtyard - and didn't have steps going to the upper deck - from 2007 until about last summer.
+ Is the girl that Annie moved in with...the saxophone player from Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship?

What I liked:
+ The steamboat Natchez calliope playing in the background as Creighton smoked his (final?!) cigarette on the ferry.  [Also, as someone who took the ferry regularly in the summer of 2008, there is definitely a no smoking sign on the ferry].  Ferry passengers are far more likely to be drinking 40s of Red Dog in paper bags, however.
+ The Rue de la Course coffee mug at the Bernette residence - excellent choice.
+ The talk of Chief Tootie Montana - one of my fellow watchers was actually at the meeting where he died.
+ Creighton's Dodge.
+ Antoine saying "What dat is?"
+ The opening scene with the street musicians on a bench on The Moonwalk as a big ship passed by on the river.
+ Janette's musings about New Orleans being a place of beautiful moments...and not a life.  It's a lot to think about.

What I didn't like:
+ Seriously, will Sonny just get it over with already?
+ Creighton can't have died...or we wouldn't have John Goodman going forward (although the Kate Chopin foreshadowing would seem to indicate he really did drown)...but if he's alive, how did he move so quickly toward the stern?  In my time here, I've never heard of anyone surviving the jump into the river off the ferry.  Mega points to David Simon et. al if he's found mumbling outside of William S. Burroughs little white house in Algiers.
+ I know it's probably driving some meandering plot line along - but what's up with the creepy Texan guy?  I still don't have a good idea of what was going on between him and Sonny - and where he goes from here.