"there is still no curb-side glass recycling option in New Orleans"

Sad but true.

It stems from the lack of a glass processing plant in the area.  East Baton Rouge collects glass, so it might be worth investigating where they ultimately get their glass recycled - this is my guess based on some googling, although I have no way of knowing if it's up to date:

BFI Recyclery 12451 Leisure Road P. O. Box 120 Baton Rouge, LA  70807 East Baton Rouge Brian Wynn 225-775-7634 225-774-9160 brian.wynn@bfi Glass Bottles Only

Or someone in NOLA should invest in one of these...

Phoenix Recyling was talking about acquiring a glass processor in 2008...and interestingly, they talked about using the pulverized, sand-like product for building up the coastal barrier islands - a timely product these days with offshore sand berms coming soon courtesy of Billy and Bobby (and over a number of science-based objections).

The company was still exploring the idea of using pulverized waste glass for coastal reinforcement as of this spring:

One thing we considered is using pulverized glass as a stabilizer for barrier islands. It's inert, has the consistency of coarse salt, would work well to prevent further erosion and enhance natural processes that rebuild the islands. Once they are gone, it will be difficult to replace them as wetlands protection. Steven O'Connor has parted ways with us so that he can devote his full time to this concept. I will provide updates when Steven is ready, but he is working with the appropriate science and government communities to see this to fruition.