Poor Show

What we've got here...

Yes, over 50 days later, why hasn't the President communicated directly with the CEO of BP?

It seems like an impossibly stupid omission - and I don't throw the word stupid around wantonly or thoughtlessly.

What's more, while I think Obama has done a rather poor job all along in his approach to showing leadership in the context of the oil spill, I actually think Ron Paul made a reasonable tempering point when he said it's unhealthy for our country to view the presidency with almost pseudo-monarchical expectations.

Obama continues to be on the defensive, though, and rightly so.  The PR game, at the least, has been mishandled - a Paul McCartney concert, etc.?  I'm not asking for a John McCain-style "we're canceling the convention" erraticism, but simply prudence befitting a president in a time of crisis, even if it is a regional one.

Today, Mitt Romney provided some decent insight on how things could have been done differently.  I'm not necessarily convinced Mitt Romney could actually cook up such a dish as president - but he envisions something approximating the right recipe.  It boils down to this:

And when a crisis is upon us, America wants a leader, not a politician