No, there isn't room for Helen Thomas

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, writing on the Washington Post's website, asks if there wasn't any room for Helen Thomas despite her recent comments. Ms. Vanden Heuvel cites Thomas' long list of accomplishments and 67 years as a UPI reporter.

Yes, she was a trailblazer - 30 years ago - but today, and for a generation of Americans, Thomas now represents all that is wrong with major media outlets. Sure she asked "tough" questions, but they were always with a strong far-left bias. To be perfectly honest though, they were questions like "why does the President [Obama] want to send more troops to Afghanistan to kill more people?" Or "do you [Dana Perino] know how many people we have killed [in Iraq]?" Or "what was your [President Bush] real reason for going to war?" These questions, in there tone and tenor, are not the questions of real journalism.

Thomas was pushing her agenda, accusing President Bush and President Obama of sending troops to kill innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan and claiming that the United States sanctions and condones arbitrary murder on the part of Israel.

The time for Thomas to go had come and gone long ago.