Madison City Council to Sheriff Mahoney: Stop doing your job!

This comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone who has lived in Madison, but still you have to wonder what the people on the city council are thinking - if they are at all.

Sheriff Mahoney, in an effort to do his job more effectively - you know, protecting the citizens of Dane county - has been reporting non-American inmates of the county jail to ICE. Makes sense to me. ICE can check to make sure there are no outstanding warrants in other countries or outstanding warrants in other states, and if there is an extensive criminal record or a history of violence, ICE can deport that person. Sheriff Mahoney is doing exactly what he should and deserves support, not abuse from the city council.

There is no profiling, no stopping someone for "driving while Hispanic" or anything draconian, just a Sheriff doing his job. Apparently the Madison city council finds that offensive, just further proof that Madison really is 43 square miles surrounded by reality.