Isthmus should be ashamed of itself

No, Mr. Wagner, there is no "perspective" needed in the Sterling Hall bombing. An innocent man was killed and three others injured in an act of domestic terrorism. Dwight Armstrong should have spent most - if not all - of the last 40 years sitting in a cell for what he and his accomplices did. No amount of rationalization or justification can excuse what happened. To even offer one is to cheapen the life that was lost.

Sterling Hall was not a sit-in that got out of hand. It was not a brick through a window in the heat of a protest. It was not a swing at a cop during the Dow demonstrations. It was not spitting on a soldier just returned from Vietnam. It was premeditated murder. They took the time to build and plant a bomb that killed a research student named Robert Fassnacht. His is the name we should be remembering. The family - Fassnacht was married and had 3 young children - for which we should feel sorry.

It certainly should not be the man who killed him yet lived as a free man until his death. The editors and publisher of Isthmus should be ashamed of themselves. Dave Wagner should be embarrassed for trying to rationalize murder. It makes me sick.