If this is the best they've got, Feingold really is in trouble

The state Democrats are really grasping at straws on this one.

I'm not saying that Ron Johnson's campaign is a sure thing. We still don't know enough about his positions and we have yet to see how good he is going to be on the campaign trail and if he's going to offer real, tough solutions. That said, asking for an extension - one that is perfectly legal and fairly normal - on financial disclosure is not a big deal.

But DPW is acting like it is the end of the world and Johnson's campaign must be hiding something. Obviously he needs the extra time to hide his illegal shell companies or his Cayman Islands accounts, not because he was in the race only a couple of weeks before the deadline. Nope, it has to be something shady! He's rich, so he must be evil!

Give me a break. The "smoking gun" is a letter informing the campaign of the new deadline and that he could only get one more extension. I think DPW is trying a little too hard.