Google Gives to Government

Which is of greater concern to you - Google "snooping" via wi-fi with its street-view-mobiles in the first place...or European governments obtaining the data that was acquired?

Ultimately, it breaks down to this, in a way: would you rather trust your privacy to Google or to a government?  Should we be reassured that governments are stepping in - or even more concerned?

Or...is this really more about assumption of the risk by those whose information was collected?  Not that the same legal framework is in play in European nations...but was there even a reasonable expectation of privacy involved?

Last month, Google revealed it had been inadvertently collecting 600 gigabytes of personal data, saying that the roving, camera-mounted cars in its Street View program had collected not only photographs of neighborhoods but snippets of private information from people whose personal Wi-Fi networks were left unencrypted.