From the "Gee, no one saw that coming" file...

Teens are having a hard time finding summer jobs and employers are citing the minimum wage increase as part of the problem. Yes, the recession has made everything tighter, but the minimum wage increase has made the problem far worse by forcing employers to hire fewer workers.

If only someone had said something, or had seen this as a potential problem. Oh wait, someone did and they were quickly shouted down as hating the working class, siding with evil corporations and generally hating America. Unfortunately, we ran right smack into reality and we now have a problem that could have been avoided.

Sure, some of those teens without jobs aren't going to be in trouble, but in many families in Wisconsin, a teen having a job is important to the family making ends meet. The kid is able to be more self-sufficient and in turn money is made available to the parents for younger siblings, necessary bills, or discretionary spending. But it's not just the employee side of the relationship that gets hurt here. The employer has to find a way to run their business with fewer employees or with a much higher payroll, that is a tall order and makes things tough for a lot of small business owners including farmers and seasonal businesses.