Another year, another 5.5% tuition hike

I know that budgets are tight everywhere. I know that we do lag behind some of our peer Universities in terms of compensation for professors or in overall cost of tuition. Still, does the UW Board of Regents ever consider trimming some waste? A $5 billion budget and there are no places to cut or trim? We need all the useless deans that suck hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and no one really knows what they do? Really?

My first tuition payment in the fall of 2001 was right around $1800. If the proposed increase goes into effect the single semester tuition bill will be in excess of $3900. Less than ten years and more than a 100% increase. Do the Regents have any responsibility to the people of Wisconsin to keep tuition at "the great state university" affordable? You have to wonder if they are completely separated from reality.