Treme #7: Thoughts

I've been off my game a bit when it comes to sharing my observations about the show - finals prep, finals, graduation, and eight family visitors have kept me busy.  Bar review starts tomorrow, and I was sick in bed for most of yesterday.

But nevertheless, here's my take on the seventh episode:

What I Liked:
 - The show really seemed to hit its stride in making an emotional connection with the viewer this time around, especially when the body is finally discovered in the makeshift morgue, as well as Ladonna's trauma and subsequent attempt to keep the news from her family over Carnivale.  The funeral scenes, too, with Antoine, were moving.
- The New Orleans references have been sublimated so they don't get in the way of the show.  John Besch, for example, meeting with the chef in his restaurant, August.
- Creighton, John Goodman, was hilarious in his agonized huffing and stupefied gazing as he fought writer's block.
- Jacque the sous chef - you scoundrel.  There was more there than met the eye.
- Toni, the civil rights lawyer, continues to do an amazing job of playing the real life Mary Howell.  As someone who knows Mary, the actress does a great job of capturing her spirit.
- The little old guy with the cornet at the airport - I saw him at The Spotted Cat with my brother last week.  He's great.

What I Didn't Like:
-  Davis dropping out because of a "get out of jail free" pass from a judge seems silly - he's raking in the dough.  Why would he go so easily?
- Why didn't Davis give the money earned by his cd sales to restart Desautels, the restaurant?
- Can the street musicians storyline get any more drawn out?  Clearly, Sonny is going to whack Annie or something along those lines.  I'm tired of the tension, though.  It's become boring.  Many are speculating they're going to represent the guy in the Quarter who killed and ate his girlfriend above the voodoo shop on S. Rampart.  I'm more interested in knowing what the guy Sonny brought back from Texas has to do with anything.
- Albert Lambreaux...while it's good to tie in the projects theme...where are you going with all this?

- It was great to see some grilling and music out back at Bacchanal down in the Bywater...but I can guarantee you that it's never been that well-lighted at Bacchanal on a Sunday night.  For veracity, it should have been pitch black punctuated by a few torches with patrons stumbling around, tripping over sticks, and trying to find a seat without water pooled on it.  That - and the absolutely delicious food - is what makes Bacchanal great.